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Health benefits of taking green tea regularly

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

In the previous years, the use of green tea has become extremely famous drink all over the world. This drink is amazingly advantageous for health and keeps you physically and mentally healthy. If you miss to drink a cup of green tea today, you will be missing a good opportunity to lead a healthier life. Green tea is not beneficial but it tastes so good and delicious.  There are five major reasons why people need to use green tea regularly. Let us look at those reasons and find why people should have them.

Green tea is good for people who are suffering from cancer because this drink cures the disease and reduces the risks of cancer cells inside a person’s body. People can use this drink to avoid such a disease in their life and if they are suffering from the disease, it helps to overcome the disease to some extent. Green tea is a natural remedy of cancer and many other such diseases. The green tea is having antioxidants that have been concluded as much more effective as compared to the vitamin C and even from the Vitamin E. That is the proof of declaring that green tea protects the cells from getting any sort of damage.

The green tea is used for curing the heart diseases. This drink helps in decreasing cholesterol level and helps in preventing the heart diseases or strokes automatically. Even if the people have suffered and experienced from stroke, the green tea drink helps in speeding up recovery procedures. It prevents the cell damage and cell deaths. Green tea is helpful and is a refreshing drink that keeps you healthy as well as fresh all day long. People who are regularly drinking this tea never get any sort of heart problems or other life taking problems. Green tea helps people in recovering from the problem if they have one but never take people to such a condition.

Green tea is also used as an anti aging and helps in maintaining the health. An anti oxidant called as polyphenols work as an anti aging. This drink helps people against aging. The green tea contains all such natural elements that are having highest polyphenols amount. A common known fact says that green tea has been proved to be an anti aging. In the present times, people are spending their most time in the big ducks only to purchase creams which claim of containing this plant. It is better to drink it in place of using it over the face. Fresh and healthy cup of green tea is a better option than using a cream over the face.

Green tea is used to lose the weight as well. This is the most important reason why people use this drink so much and drink it regularly after every meal. There are so many people who have over weight problems and they are worried about this issue. They are all looking for healthy tips of losing their weight. There is no better treatment for weight loss than using a cup of green tea every day. A cup of green tea helps in burning extra calories and keeps you healthy and fit. This medication is also suggested by the doctors and specialists.

Green tea is used for a better skin. It acts as an anti aging and keeps your skin fresh and healthy. It not only works as an anti aging but removes wrinkles from the skin making it look cleaner and fresh. Green tea protects the skin against dust and sun rays. These are the facts that make us use green tea excessively and avail the benefits of the drink. For more details visit

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

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Classic. Sue Green won the Women’s Orange County

Classic, then turned professional.


Abe Cuestas (center) — Mr. Florida West Coast

Ernie Santiago has won the Jr. Mr. USA and Jr. Mr. America titles this year.


. Ijmctteur Athletic Union


This monthly column takes Muscle & Fitness readers behind the scenes of AAU competition, administration and training news. By reading the column regularly, you’ll know what’s happening in AAU bodybuilding. Contributions are welcome and should be sent to the AAU Editor, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, 21100 Erwin Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

by Jim Manion, National Physique

Committee Chairman


Muscular Ernie Santiago, former Mr. Hawaii winner, has laken both the Jr. Mr, USA and Mr. America titles. Look for a full report on these two shows in the next issue ofMuscle & Fitness.


Richard Baldwin. Florida’s foremost bodybuilder, is undoubtedly one of the country’s toughest competitors. A runner-up in the 1978 Mr. America and Mr. USA, as well as the 1979 Universe, Richard has undisputed credentials as an athlete. Richard owns Baldwin’s Body Forum in Tallahassee. Fla.. and he recently displayed his capabilities as a promoter by presenting the seventh annual Tallahassee Bodybuilding Championships.

The show, which took place April 26 at the Leon High School Auditorium, was a smashing success! The prejudging was held before an uncommonly large and enthusiastic crowd. The competition consisted of four events: the Teenage Mr. Tallahassee. Mr. Tallahassee, Ms. Southern USA and Mr. Southern USA. Headed by Bill Reynolds, the judging panel included Jorge Prince (Miami. Fla.). Terry Brooks (Jacksonville, Fla.). Pam Brooks (Jacksonville. Fla.), Steve Genovese (Tallahassee, Fla.). Don Kayton (Pensacola. Fla.). Dick Fudge (St. Petersburg, Fla.) and the writer (from Miami. Fla.). We all worked diligently and as swiftly as possible through the afternoon to allow the session to conclude in time for a breather before the start of the evening proceedings.

On returning to the auditorium that night. I noticed there wasn’t a parkjng spot available, a clear indication that the place was jammed! The show opened with the customary welcome and presentation of the officials. It continued with the Teenage and Mr. Tallahassee events. A young man named Sylvester Solomon dominated both, as well as winning most of the bodypart awards. The teenager was in excellent condition and showed tremendous potential. Particularly impressive was his adapt posing at such a tender age, for it combined both skill and the projection of confidence.

Following a short intermission, the ladies competing for the Ms. Southern USA title took their places onstage. They were graciously received and TV cameras were on hand to film this relatively new dimension in the sport of bodybuilding. The posing here was treated with total professionalism, the music almost always reflecting the inner personality of each woman.

Georgia Miller Fudge was the indisputable winner. Caria York, who placed second, literally swept the category awards of’Best Muscle Tone. Most Symmetrical and Best Poser. Her posing consisted of a repertoire of balletic and gymnastic movements that were effectively coordinated into a fabulous presentation.


These beautiful trophies were presented at the recent Orange County Classic, promoted by Mike Glass.

As the show continued, we were treated to a series of posing exhibitions. The first was by Laura Combes, one of the most prominent women bodybuilders in America. Whether Laura is the prototype of the female bodybuilder of the future remains a question. However, there’s no doubt that the lady is a remarkable specimen of highly defined and proportioned muscularity. Her posing has improved dramatically and her smile lights up any stage.

Next up was none other than Richard Baldwin, who never ceases to amaze me with the gams he is continually achieving. His posing has always been top-notch. It’s enhanced by the graceful lines of his physique and a certain air of dignity that surrounds him.

The individual presentations were great, but the dual posing exhibition that followed was out of this world! The anatomical combination of Richard Baldwin and Laura Combes, the lighting and visual effects, and synchronized choreography to Herb Alpert’s, “Rise” were incomparable. Overwhelmed, the crowd responded with a standing ovation. I see the emergence of male/female posing as a very positive step forward for the sport as a whole. Not only does it establish the fact that men and women share in bodybuilding, but it provides an entertainment aspect that seems to impress even the most skeptical viewer.

It was now time for the much-awaited Mr. Southern USA, which featured some very classy physiques, The Short Class winner was the extremely ripped Fred Sciara of Birmingham, Ala. Allan Graham, currently ranked among Florida’s top 10 bodybuilders, look the honors in the Medium Class. The Tall Class went to New York’s Ceasar Juliani, who displayed unbelievable size but not enough cuts.

To add to the suspense of who the overall victor would be. there was a most welcomed interruption in the form of a special posing exhibition by the great Larry Scott. Nothing less than a legend would have sufficed, and a more legendary figure would be inconceivable. Scott was


Fred Sciara took the Mr. Southern America title in Tallahassee recently.

mindbogglmg! What a thrill for everyone who was there to experience it.

It took a few minutes for the excitement to die as we headed down the homestretch, the final posedown for the overall Mr. Southern USA title. As Sciara. Graham and Juliani went through their routines, it became obvious that Graham had lost some of the polish he had displayed at the preiudgmg. while Sciara had become even sharper. Juliani looked even smoother in comparison to the other two. so it definitely narrowed down to Sciara and Graham. The final decision was announced: Fred Sciara!

Following the show, everyone moved a block down to the Holiday Inn. where Richard Baldwin had arranged a buffet-type banquet, it was a great ending to a very successful series of events and all present enjoyed themselves. MR. SOUTHERN USA

Winner: Fred Sciara. Birmingham. Ala.

Short Class

1)     Fred Sciara. Birmingham. Ala.

2)  Ira Walker. Tallahassee. Fla

3)  Donny York. Montgomery. Ala. Medium Class


1)     Allan Graham. Panama City. Fla.

2)  Jim Nelson. Jacksonville. Fla.

3)  Darren Black. Florida. Tall Class


1)     Ceasar Juliani. New York. N.Y.

2)  Donny Oliver. Pensacola. Fla.

3)  John Howie. Waxhaw. N.C. MS. SOUTHERN USA


1)     Georgia Miller Fudge. St. Petersburg. Fla.

2)  Carla York. Swannanoa. Fla.

3)  Debbie Charlotte. Tallahassee. Fla